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Multicopters come in where cranes or helicopters cannot get.  We have several systems available, ranging from the s800EVOplus small camera carrier to a Heavy Lifter for cameras like a RED Epic Dragon.    check out our BMPCC (black magic pocket cinema camera)  showreel 2014


The Cineflex V14 camera system is the perfect solution for helicopter aerial HD and also ground based cinematography.


The MōVI rig can be used in a large amount of situations to get a perfectly stable picture. We have a M10 and M5 system available.


28 Oktober

a busy summer


We had kind of a busy summer. Being on the feature film sets of “Die Wilde Kaiserin – UFA Fiction” and “Das Programm – Bavaria Film”, shooting various commercials including the Vodaphone Monalisa campaign and a Lidl TV ad, we had a great time. Our MoVI M10 got some serious upgrades for dronework with our […]

17 August

RED Epic dragon goes drone!


We´re proud to announce the availability of our RED Epic dragon carrier. The system is built from the market´s most modern and reliable components.  We have two different gimbal options for this system available. The MoVI M5 and MoVI M10. With this system we can lift any camera from a BMPCC to a RED EPIC DRAGON. […]

1 Juli

RED Epic Dragon in the house!


We got our RED Epic Dragon a few days ago and we are testing it with our MoVI M10 currently. The Epic Dragon is also available for rent in our MoVI package!  

1 Juni

4K UAV available now!


4K UHD available now. We´ve finally got our GH4 and modded a Zenmuse GH3 gimbal to fit it. After a few test flights the results of this little camera are stunning. With 4K resolutions and 1080p 96fps slow-motions, data rates between 100mbit and 200mbit this is an amazing camera for aerials!  

26 Mai

Our first UAV passes LBTF 67 law and is allowed to fly in Austria.


Our first copter was certified by the Austrocontrol and we fly it within the LBTH-67 rules now. Our second copter is currently under the approval procedure. This modded s800 EVO takes either a GH4 or a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera with an Olympus Zuiko 12mm F2.0 Lens. We have both Zenmuse Gimbals available.