The MōVI rig can be used in a large amount of situations to get a perfectly stable picture. We have a M10 and M5 system available.

We use the MōVI M10 in combination with our RED EPIC digital cinema camera and a variety of lenses up to 100mm of focal length. The M5 fits DSLR sized cameras. We usually use it with our GH4 and BMPCC cameras and a variety of lens combinations.

The MōVI digitally and electronically stabilizes the rigged camera in real time and can be operated either by one or by two persons (+ focus puller).

The system can be either handheld or rigged to boats, cars, skidoos, quads, paragliders, cranes and almost every other moving vehicle while producing a rocksteady picture.

We use the MōVI M10 with a customized RED Epic setup for our work. We also have Panasonic GH4 and BMPCC camera setups available for our MōVI M5.


For this test shoot the MōVI was used in single operator mode to get some nice and stable shots of a snowboarder. The MōVI M10 was running in majestic mode which makes it follow the operators movement while stabilizing.

All the shots were done handheld from skies.
Basically every shot in this clip is made with the MōVI. Framerates from 25 to 100 fps. Shot in 5K scope, quick graded in Davinci Resolve.