Our heavy lifter was built for the advertising and cinema market. 

Capable of flying the RED Weapon and ARRI Alexa Mini we can deliver the highest image quality possible today from an unmanned drone. The drone was built from state of the art components to guarantee maximum safety and redundancy.

For camera stabilization the drone is equipped with a modded MoVI M15 brushless gimbal for maximum stability.

Further features are HD downlink and full focus, iris, zoom, rec start/stop control. We use HEDEN and Chrosziel motors for lens control to guarantee smooth and precise zooms, also during shots.

The heavy lifter is permitted in Austria up to category  C with D as an option. This means we are allowed to fly it in residential area  near buildings and villages without additional permit.

The camera payload ranges from 3 Kg. to 6,5 Kg. We have RED Weapon and Red Scarlet Dragon cameras with PL, PL-motion, Canon and Nikon mounts available.

Our flight time per battery set depends on takeoff weight and ranges from 7 to 10 Minutes.
We can fly in altitudes up to 3500 meters above sea level.


remote capabilities:

  • remote focus, iris and zoom with Freely WEDGE and Freely CONTROLLER
  • remote start / stop


  • HD videolink

First test flight with our new heavy lifter carrying a RED Epic Dragon.
lens: 16mm
rec. format: 5K scope
gimbal: MoVI M10